Home Street Home caters weddings, graduations, employee appreciation events, birthday parties, corporate lunches, etc. and we have plenty of experience.  We even create custom menus for specific events.

We've been receiving an overwhelming amount of catering requests and try our best to respond in a few days.  Fully completed request forms will be responded to sooner than incomplete forms. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the truck come to the event?

A: Of course! =)

Q: Is there a minimum?

A: Yes.  The minimum amount of people we can cater to is eighty.  There may be some exception i.e. you're requesting appetizers, desserts and drinks with your meal choices.

Q: May I have a list of your menu items?

A: Our menu is right here.  Menu.  Please contact us about appetizers, desserts and drinks.

Q: What size is the truck?

A: The truck is 22' long and 7' wide.

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Apologies to Apple users, the forms don't seem to show with Safari or Chrome, Firefox does work.  Possible fix for Apple users is to be sure Safari is not running in 32-bit mode and/or allow https connections.  Please email us at info[at]homestreethometruck[dot]com if the forms don't load.